Animated convergence of a series of functions

This applet displays the animated convergence of a series of functions by displaying first n partial sums. Some examples:
  • geometric series:
    f(x)=1/(1-x), g0(x)=1, gn(x)=x^n, ili
    f(x)=1/(1-x), gn(x)=x^(n-1) (n always starts at 1)
  • power series: gn=1/(1-x^2)
  • Taylor (MacLaurin) series:
    f(x)=sin(x), gn(x)=x^(2*n-1)*(-1)^(n-1)/(2*n-1)!
  • Fourier series:
You can zoom on the interesting details by clicking the detail with the mouse.